At the FMBB WC 2018 in Ajdovščina/Slovenia we will organize also the disciplines Canircross and Bikejörging.

The competition will take place
- on Thursday 24th of April 2018 with a start at 16:00, track length 2,4 km; 
- on Saturday 28th of April 2018 from 16:00, track length 4,8 km.

Competition in Bikejoöring will start at 16:00 and Canicross at app. 17:00.

You have to take part at both of the runs to be considered at the World Championship. You can see the the course on the photos. It will be labeled before and during the competition. 

At entry each handler has to provide all necessary documentation that the participating dog is a Belgian Shepherd (FCI Standard).


Short track 2,4km

long track 4,8km