Obedience / defence
Security check at handler˝s entrance
The handler must appear with the dog in the Preparation Zone 15 minutes before the predicted starting time. If the handler isn't present there 15 minutes before the start , he will be disqualified. The zone will be marked and will be at the entrance to the stadium. There will be a check for the type of collar.
The identity control will be checked at the end of each part of the event. It will be at the exit of the stadium for both obedience and defence.
Defence and obedience will be performed according to the IPO running scheme. In the case that the handler will not be able to compete in a part of his program, national teamleader must report his absence to the organizer (at the main office) as soon as possible. This way we can prepare a replacement handler for the pair.


23. Animal abuse
a. The use of training collars, electric shock devices, whips, sticks and other 
coercive tools are prohibited in the entire event training facilities and surroundings. If one of the above or other coercive tool is used, this shall lead to disqualification, regardless of the legal situation in the country. Any accusation must be accompanied by written evidence and witnesses. 

b. The law in every organizing country concerning animal abuse must be followed

at all times.

c. In case an animal abuse has been determined and after hearing all parties, the 
Belgian Shepherd Club and the Kennel club in the country of the abuser will be informed. 

This means no extra tools are allowed to use during training, not in obedience, not in defense. No sticks, cords, attributes that are not part of the official competition.
The bal or sleeve as reward is ok during training. The only allowed chain is the chain as described in the international FCI IPO rules.

For tracking (BUS):
Adress/start point: ŠKD Ajdovščina, USTJE, 5270, Ajdovščina (press this link)

Coordinates: 45o  52' 03. 6 N, 13 o 53' 51. 1 E