Requirements concerning the validity of anti-rabies vaccination are detailed in  Annex III to Regulation (EU) No 576/2013. In general, this means that:

-  Animal has been vaccinated against rabies with an appropriate vaccine for which a marketing authorisation has been granted,
-  Vaccination shall be conducted by an authorised veterinarian,
-  On the date of vaccination the animal is at least 12 weeks old,
-  Authorised veterinarian or official veterinarian has indicated the date of vaccination in the appropriate part of the  identification document,
-  Prior to vaccination, the animal shall be identified in a valid manner, which shall be evident from the identification  document of the animal.

The period of validity of the vaccination starts from the establishment of protective 
immunity, which shall not be less than 21 days from the completion of the vaccination protocol required by the manufacturer for the primary vaccination, up to the date indicated according to the applicable legislation by the authorised or an official veterinarian in the
appropriate section of the identification document. A revaccination must be considered a primary vaccination if it was not carried out within the period of validity of the previous vaccination.

Requirements concerning the validity of the rabies antibody titration test are detailed in Annex IV to Regulation (EU) No 576/2013. In general, this means that either:

- Blood sample shall be collected by an authorised veterinarian at least 30 days after the date of anti-rabies
  vaccination, and not less than 3 months prior to the date 

- Non-commercial movement from a territory or a third country other than those listed in Annex II to Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 577/2013, or
- Transit through such a territory or third country where the animal is not accompanied by an appropriate declaration according to the model in Part 2 of Annex I to Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 577/2013);

- Blood sample shall be collected by an authorised veterinarian at least 30 days after 
the date of anti-rabies vaccination, and before the animal leaves the Union, which shall be certified in the identification document before the date of movement. Rabies antibody titration test shall be conducted in an approved laboratory (list of approved
laboratories - labs_en). The test result must measure at least 0.5 IU/ml and must be certified in the appropriate identification document. Where as identification document the animal is accompanied by a veterinary certificate, a certified copy of the official report of the approved laboratory on the test results shall be annexed thereto. The rabies antibody titration test does not need to be repeatedly carried out after a satisfactory result has already been obtained (at least 0.5 IU/ml), provided that the animal has regularly been vaccinated within the period of validity of the preceding anti-rabies vaccination.