In the age of 6 years I visited my first dog show. My mother was breeding a few litters of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and my hole childhood was determined by dog shows and many other activities with dogs.

1991 I started breeding Bullterriers under the kennel name „Laureola’s“. With my first Bullterrier bitch I took pleasure in working in IPO sport and after a Dobermann male my first Malinois came in my life 1996.

In the last 27 years I was breeding 51 Bullterrier, 2 Malinois and 28 Chinese Crested litters. My passions are dog shows with all of my dogs and IPO sport with my Malinois. With my Malionois male „Innotek vom Satansberg“ I started twice at FMBB IPO WM and was qualificated for FCI IPO WM. I became show judge for Bullterriers in 1999. Since about 15 years I’m judge for Belgian sheperds.

Also I’m judge for IPO since over 12 years. Until December 2017 I was for ten years part of the board of the Belgian Shepherd Club in Austria. In this function I dried to bring forward the breed with all my experience as breeder but also as veterinarian, what is my profession. The most important point for me for the breed „Belgian Shepherd“ is to keep a balance between correct anatomy, as it is written in the standard, and a typical temperament and high capacity to perform in the different indended purposes.

Passionate about Belgian Shepherds since childhood, I got my first Belgian Shepherd in 1977, a Tervueren from the kennel “de la Douce Plaine”, a son of Tarass de la Pouroffe. I lived in the North of France at the time, so that I could spend a lot of time in Belgium, particularly with two renowned Belgian Shepherd breeders: Yves Dambrain (kennel “du Maugré”) for the morphological selection, and Luc Vansteenbrugge (kennel “des Deux Pottois”) for the work and top level sports competition selection. I tried to conduct my selection according to their principles. I started my Malinois kennel in 1985, under the affix “de la Terre Aimée”, with a line of morphological selection, and worked on Ajax du Maugré, Ego du Maugré; I have also imported two males who became best breeders, Iago du Maugré and his son, Maubray du Maugré, and also with a second line, for work, with the bloodlines of Cartouche, G’Bibber. My selection plan led to many significant results, with national beauty champions and working champions in the ring discipline. As I have always been a Laekenois enthusiast as well, I have purchased two very beautiful dames, Rustieck and the sr Redding Van de Duvetorre.

After 15 years of breeding, I made the choice to participate more actively in the development of the breed, by following the judge training curriculum and as a Board member of the French Club of the Belgian Shepherd, I am the Président of CFCBB. It is a great pleasure to judge our Belgian Shepherds abroad, and to be able to follow the worldwide evolvement of this breed.

Marie-France Varlet